Thai Massage of Feet as well as Legs

Thai Massage of Feet and also Legs in Madrid.

Feet represent the entrance to the body, they are split in various locations which represent specific parts of the body, as well as concrete réflex factors connected to the organs.


Foot Reflexology; minimizes tensión, improves blood circulation flow, promotes the natural functions of the body, helps sleeping patterns, accelerates physical healing, promotes lymph drenaje as well as reinforces the body immune system.Visit here


Thai massage of feet and also legs consist on stretchings and rubs in order to open up the “SEN” lines (particular networks where power flows all along the body. Dealing with these channels we will attain energised balnace and an alternative treatment).Click here


The therapist also could make use of some utensils like a wooden stick to improve the work over the réflex factors.

For more information visit here

The therapy will certainly wrap up with a soft as well as enjoyable massage on the

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